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I've been busy!

waaay behind in blogging. I've been working on merch and web image designs for Keaton Simons, the musician. Once everything is released I'll post some of the work :) All of it was scratchboard and man I looooved getting back into that medium! In the meantime, here's some sketches and stuff I've been workin' on over the past couple of months for other projects:


John Callender said...

I really like that bottom one (with the house, whale and moon).

I wonder: Did you specifically intend for the moon to look like it was in the midst of a lunar eclipse, rather than just being a garden-variety crescent? Because several things about it make it look like an anatomically more-or-less correct version of the former, rather than the latter. :-)

LunchBox Illustration said...

thanks! to be perfectly honest there was no intent behind the moon :) I just used a reference and digitally painted it as such- then chopped the side off because it added to the composition.

John Callender said...

Ah. Well, I'd be willing to put money on it that the original photo you used for the reference is of a lunar eclipse. The shaded edge to the dark area, as well as the shape and position of the dark chunk being taken out of the disk, are both exactly like what a lunar eclipse looks like. A normal partial lunar phase (that is, a non-eclipsed crescent or gibbous moon) would look very different.

I thought that was really cool, and I guess it's still cool even if it merely was inherited from the source image, rather than being a conscious choice.

As long as I'm pestering you, I'm curious if you can share anything else about the inspiration behind the composition. Did you intend to communicate anything in particular, for example, by putting the house underwater?

Candace said...

I love the butterfly! Is that on an umbrella too?