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it's almost been a year and here are the latest


robots and roboats

Hello friends and lovers! (do people still say that? or is it just a song lyric that I'm mistaking for a saying?) So, I've been SUPER busy since my last post. I've been selling the designer umbrellas under the name Over Our Heads still AND I've been setting up a body of work to show. I'm going to make 20 pieces in the large format and a few small ones. The theme? ROBOTS AND ROWBOATS. here's said 'BODY' so far:

I'm having soooo much fun painting. The hardest part- finding the time.  I work for a computer company (the big one) and I've been trying to do that whole workout, play with dog, friends, eat healthy, and sleep thing. So far so good though. I'll be setting up an actual website for the robots in the near future. Until then= cheerio! 


hey guys! I teamed up with Society6 and put my work up for sale! Its pretty rad- check it out! There are a ton of amazing artists in there as well. Looots of inspiration on this site :)


hiatus time

sorry I've been so MIA- I've been so so soooo busy w/ OverOurHeads work. Hand Painting everything and preparing for the reprints. Kickstarter was a wild success and dreams are coming true! For now I'm going to take a hiatus from digital work and focus on OOH until things settle.  Cheers everyone!! :)



This is super exciting! We finally got the kickstarter video up and it is now collecting donations to get our project going! check it out? OVER OUR HEADS KICKSTARTER


just cuz

This was a 'brella I painted for my friend Steve for his birthday. His adorable wife commissioned it and I had a BLAST designing it :)



ok I'm a broken record in apologizing for being SO m.i.a. I've just been crazy busy w/my company Over Our Heads. We're in full swing getting our video up on kickstarter to raise the funds for our first run of brellas. Very exciting for so time consuming! Having fun though!  Follow our adventures on our blog here:

Also I got a dog! here's a picture for your curiosities! His name is Abe :)


Etsy Site!

Hey all! I'm finally ready to reveal my secrets! and that is: UMBRELLAS!! I'm working on mass producing them and selling my hand painted ones to help get the startup cash.  Check it out!!



sketchbook scribbles

Been busy! These are a few drawings from the sketchbook I just finished. Excited to start a new one! Nothing more refreshing than opening a blank book and messing it up :) 


finished what I started!

If you scroll down you can see the first half that I started over a year ago. Finally got some time and finished it this passed summer :)


I've been busy!

waaay behind in blogging. I've been working on merch and web image designs for Keaton Simons, the musician. Once everything is released I'll post some of the work :) All of it was scratchboard and man I looooved getting back into that medium! In the meantime, here's some sketches and stuff I've been workin' on over the past couple of months for other projects:



one of many designs I'm workin' on for my line of product. Can't wait to start painting!


Same Changes Music Video!

I made this music video last October for Paramount Studios and Netwerk Music Group. The Weepies totally wrote an amazing song that got placed in the movie Morning Glory- and I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to create and direct this project. Thanks to everyone who took part in it!! :)


more designs

this is a pattern I put together to test out coloring.  I've been working on a line of accessories- you'll see when the finished product is out- but the trick is finding a manufacturing company who'll take on such a small project. Until then- ROBOTS!!!



I'm taking a break from narrative illustration (aside from the children's book which is still underway) and workin' on some product design.  This is a sketch for said 'product'. I'm getting pretty excited about the direction everything's heading in :) Sorry for the ambiguity- but as soooon as we've got a site up and kicking I'll reveal all.