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robots and roboats

Hello friends and lovers! (do people still say that? or is it just a song lyric that I'm mistaking for a saying?) So, I've been SUPER busy since my last post. I've been selling the designer umbrellas under the name Over Our Heads still AND I've been setting up a body of work to show. I'm going to make 20 pieces in the large format and a few small ones. The theme? ROBOTS AND ROWBOATS. here's said 'BODY' so far:

I'm having soooo much fun painting. The hardest part- finding the time.  I work for a computer company (the big one) and I've been trying to do that whole workout, play with dog, friends, eat healthy, and sleep thing. So far so good though. I'll be setting up an actual website for the robots in the near future. Until then= cheerio! 

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